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Summer shopping can be tough – with the wide multitude of pieces on offer, it’s difficult to sort through what you want versus what you actually need. The key to it though, is planning and prepping, which is what we like to do just short of a few weeks before the official start to summer, aka June 21st. The truth is that we don’t actually *need* anything – trends revive every few years, and if you take relatively good care of your clothes, you’ll manage to recycle 90% of your looks, and still look stylish. Ultimately it comes down to the fact that we want what’s in front of us – the good, the necessary, and the seasonal pieces you just *need* to get your hands on, but can’t really justify paying $$$ for them.

If you’re curious as to what forms a well-balanced summer wardrobe, join us as we introduce you to the key pieces that will add that little bit of sunshine every wardrobe needs. By this time, you’ve probably been bombarded by email newsletter from brands showcasing their ultimate SS19 must-haves, to the recently started summer sale. Feeling overwhelmed? That’s only natural – but since the sale hasn’t yet started here over in Europe, we’re looking at things with a set of fresh eyes and focused mind. Plus, as we become more acutely aware of the impact our habits can have on the environment, we’re looking to fill our closets with long-lasting pieces that won’t age as quickly as we do.

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