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We’re not ones to do a traditional seasonal trend recap, as they A. often sound too mainstream, and B. don’t allow enough coverage for the ones we’re really into. But there’s always room for exceptions, and so when it comes to all things shoes we’re not the type to shy away from an impromptu spring style recap to gather all the gorgeous footwear currently on our minds, and toes!

There’s never a good or bad time to purchase a brand new pair of shoes, but to make the decision process easier, we asked friends, family and team members here at TWC HQ to give us an insight into the shopping and wish list part of their precious brain so that you can make an informed decision on what your next buy might look like. And in order to keep us all sane and healthy, BUT style-centric for the months to come, we only recommend shoe styles that are comfortable to a certain degree, because a little pain never killed anybody – as well as the kind that don’t necessarily require the infamous but sometimes unavoidable shoe swap when moving from one activity/location to another. If you do however, we highly recommend this tote bag as companion!

Most importantly, all our recommendations are ones we’re itching to get our hands on, are both understated albeit elevated seasonal staples and make for great sartorial splendor. You see, for us lazy dressers at times, putting on the right pair of shoes can truly make a difference. What for some comes in the form of accessorizing by adding a belt, a scarf, or dozens of pieces of jewelry stacked on each other either via necklaces or so-called arm parties, is as simple and straightforward as footwear in our cases. Because when you think about it, any kind of wardrobe piece can turn your outfit around, so why not start and/or end it with what actually gets us out of the house?

Shop 18 team-approved shoe styles ready to be worn with every spring look

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