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Wonder what happens when the founder of one of Antwerp’s top fashion destinations creates her own in-house brand? Enter La Collection – product of Florence Cools and owner of Damoy, the one stop for emerging and established designers in Belgium. Sure, we’ve seen in-houses collections of a bunch of retailers popping up one after the other, but most of them just ressembled a range of outdated basics like a crewneck sweater and comfortable heels that don’t look too stylish for the office, but not fashionable enough to wear on a night out.

Cools did things differently, or should I say, her way. Luxury label La Collection is a ready-to-wear feminine line focused on sharp and structured silhouettes, made from the softest silk and wool, impeccably designed for the modern woman. For someone who spots emerging brands at the right time, there’s no doubt that Florence Cools made sure that every single detail of her line will be as seamless as the success of as the rest of her stock. From a price point – because given the title I’m sure a few eyebrows were raised left and right. It goes without saying that La Collection doesn’t instantly fall under the affordable spectrum, but it’s a halfway road to the infamous The Row, and we’re here for it.

As the new season approaches, we’re primarily focusing on establishing a wardrobe filled with cozy and elegant pieces. It’s all about comfort with an edge – think a chunky knit with a cold shoulder, or an immensely chic bi-coloured cardigan/coat to simply *throw on*. And with that in mind, Damoy’s in-house label fits the bill perfectly. After taking a quick glance at what’s on offer, we’re mentally conceptualizing our dream Fall outfits: a silk satin long-sleeved midi dress in ivory, the converted pants that easily button up into a jumpsuit or can detach into a pair of wide leg pants. Since mini dresses and skirts will be on spotlight next season, we already know exactly what to wear over them come rain or shine. There’s an oversized blazer in plum, or alternatively a belted wool-bouclé coat that falls right on ankle level, helping you avoid those dreaded mid-season colds.

Besides comfort and elegance, the suggest colour palette is one that’s been favored by fashion icons en masse. We look at muted tones in ivory white, camel, the above mentioned plum and a blush pink. Expect fluidity throughout the pieces, as well as everyday essentials to live by.

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Featured images via Damoy / La Collection

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