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At the start of a new season, you always feel this impetus to don your latest purchase or trend of the moment – but you’ll notice that the moment you get comfortable and live in this new time of the year you resort to staples that work for you at any given moment. For us, those are matching sets – you know the kind where the top matches the bottom and reduces your getting dressed time to a practical 90 seconds. Because is there anything more playful and easy than that?

View it as a uniform you may or may not have had to wear during your school years, they’re easy to be worn and make sure you look the part. That’s exactly how a matching set makes us feel – elegant and seamless. Between heat waves and sudden rainy showers, we opt for linen sets and breathable cotton to get us through summer days; whether it’s a maxi skirt and cropped top or bermuda shorts with a short-sleeved shirt, they’re easy ways to get an outfit right this season. May we also suggest the more comfortable and laidback version in the shape of loungewear or hanging by the pool sets? These sure don’t go unnoticed and offer a whole different spectrum of comfort.

So, how do we square the notion of getting dressed in summer pieces with the idea of being relaxedly dressed at the same time? Turn to our selection of matching sets that are your saviours when in doubt – you’ll look at ease and elegant without looking like you styled the same outfit as all influencers on Instagram are currently donning…

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Featured images via Veronica Beard

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