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My summer wardrobe varies year after year when I introduce seasonal pieces that I am just eager to create new looks with. Those can be the re-introduction of sarongs as for this summer, or simple prints and patterns that every it girl has been spotted in since the early days of May. But there are also a ton of items that constitute my so-called ride or die wardrobe, which is filled with pieces that I wear every summer, some I always get complimented on, and others that simply look that good on sun-kissed skin.

Curious to find out what belongs in that ride or die pile? Apart from the usual suspects like beach cover ups, a ton of white shirts, linen trousers and a bunch of crop tops, there’s a special place in my heart for the accessories department. More specifically when it comes to my hair. I’ve been known to have a lot of hair, which is also conveniently considered thick, and happens to grow just over 2 inches a month. But alas with that thick mane also come some down sides, hence the heat and sweat building up on my back and around my face, not to mention the constant hair falling into my face if I don’t use a headband.

Had I known when I was a little girl that I would be reusing my collection of headbands my mother carefully selected for me to wear with various outfits, I would have kept them in a sacred place! (Un)fortunately those were given away to another little girl, but it sure makes me miss them when I find myself on the hunt for yet another piece to wear for a special occasion.

You see, the headband especially in summer has so many purposes – it truly pulls double duty for both keeping my hair from blowing into my face, whilst also making me look dressed up at the same time. If for no other reason than those two crucial ones – I’ll be happy to oblige and keep up my headband look every time I make a trip to the beach. From simple styles to knotted twists on the front, there’s an easy way to incorporate a headband into each of your summer looks. If you’re one for matching pieces, match your swimwear or your printed trousers to your headband. If you’re looking for a more discreet look that doesn’t necessarily scream the iconic Missoni zig zag pattern, then a flower crown or classic satin headpiece might be more up your alley. Whatever’s your preference, we shared 12 pieces under $300 that are guaranteed to keep you looking stylish and your hair out of your face for the remaining of the summer.

Shop 12 editor-approved headbands for the ultimate summer beach look

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