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Although we do link pink here at TWC, we’re not as enthusiastic about this abundance of pink as we are for our beloved new bikers shorts. But what can we say, pink seems to be trending beyond fashion this year and is to be found everywhere we go, but why is this color so popular?

Can you believe it’s almost been two years since millennial pink aka rose shades of pinks and purples found all over our social media ? Which is also the reason why we’re getting somewhat worried about this ongoing trend. Why are these hues of lavender, baby pinks and rose still taking over our favourite shops when we are more than ready to turn the page to other gorgeous hues of colours? And are designers running out of ideas?

The answer to this is simple, and much less dramatic. The reign of the oh-so-trendy flamingo pink is here to stay because it’s beautiful, a statement and an identity. Whereas some might call if fuchsia and others Schiaparelli pink, this type of pink seems to be inspiring designers all over the world to design new collections. The Zoe Report even quoted pink as the most “unexpected color of 2019” of this year’s catwalks.

One of the most obvious signs of this trend was found at this year’s Oscar ceremony, which saw a wave of different tones of pink. Do you recall Marie Kondo’s stunning flower-studded Jenny Packham dress? Or Meagen Good’s Greek goddess gown? We honestly can’t stop thinking about them.

But why is it so unexpected you ask? Because we were getting used to “shocking” colours such as mustard, or even neon shades reminiscent of vintage sports clothes, but this pink is punchy and yet not juvenile. It stays classy, and wearable. Fashion director at Shobop Caroline Maguire believes that the reason for this comeback is mainly due to brands wanting to focus on uber-feminine inspired garments, mainly taking inpiration by the late 90s and early 2000s.

“Heel heights are going up, sleeves are getting puffier, sweet prom-like silhouettes are becoming more common. The pink color perfectly compliments these styles lending itself to the era,” she explains.

Not only is pink making a surprise comeback this year, but it’s also bringing back this idea of pretty fashion, which is also something we’re not quite accustomed to at the moment. Remember ugly fashion from our past article? And the insight on Camp style? Neither of these would be defined as pretty, and even less as feminine.

Funnily enough, pink is actually one of the loudest colours in fashion and has, throughout history, always been used to make a statement, especially when found on the red carpet by celebrities, and on the runway by our favourite models. But don’t run away just yet, as you can incorporate pink touches in numerous ways such as in your makeup, your hair accessory and even on your sneakers.

Pink has always been a favourite colour worn by powerful women such as Jackie O, Elsa Schiaperalli and of course, Elle Woods (who we had to include here) so is it surprising that in times of such battle for gender equality that this colour is making such a strong comeback? Could two two even be related?

We strongly believe here at TWC, that fashion styles and political climates are always closely related, which is why this reasoning shouldn’t be brushed off too quickly, and don’t get me started with the rose-gold phenomenon. We are curious to know however, how you feel about this pink comeback and wether you think it has anything to do with the current political climate! 

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