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To effectively succeed in transitioning from one season to another, all we really need is to brighten our moods, get into a cute outfit and tackle the day as if it were just any other. Don’t let the chaotic sound of the news or the sound of construction next door get in the way of that. You can squeeze in a 10-min meditation if needed, and a good cup of coffee… and then head over to The Weekly Cut to check out what’s been cooking in our minds.

It’s worth noting, of course, that we like to describe ourselves as a delivery of good news. Whether it’s to cheer you up when you’re feeling uninspired or to share a secret sale we just stumbled upon – the ultimate goal is to be a straightforward voice in a fudging world. And this week, actually the past weeks have kept us so busy with the fresh new arrivals by one of our all-time go-to retailers, & Other Stories. Designed between Paris, Los Angeles and Stockholm, there’s rarely something we don’t like. The e-commerce manages to fulfil pretty much all styling desires and ticks all the boxes when it comes to sizes and demographics – it’s like the best of all worlds tucked neatly into a one-stop styling destination.

To cut it short and sweet and avoid being TL;DR – that’s millennial jargon for Too Long; Didn’t Read – we recapped the latest arrivals of & Other Stories’ current stock, and let me tell you, this section is chock-full of good stuff. A few weeks ago we already shared our mutual love for their oversized cotton shirts that come in a variety of colors, and now we’re following up with pastel toned sundresses, cropped tops that wrap around and hide all the parts we want to, classic denim to wear with the perfect white t-shirt, vibrant swimwear cut from organic fabric ready to sunbathe in, chic hats to shield from the sun, and raffia sandals that are itching to be worn with a fresh pedicure.

But that’s not all, there’s so much more to choose from if our below picks don’t tickle your fancy. We recommend you check back regularly because their pieces are to be worn year round for a classic look with a twist!

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