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No Tuesday is the same at The Weekly Cut, and when it comes to What To Wear, we sure try to stay on top. This week we’re raiding all high-street retailers to find the best of the best. Although today marks the first day of spring, alas Mother Earth doesn’t seem to be on the same schedule as us. The temperatures today in London are at an almost freezing 1 degree, to give you a hint. But since our minds are already in spring mood as per last week’s feature on the ultimate Spring Trends, the weather has got nothing on us and we’ll be continuing our regularly scheduled program with this week’s episode of what’s in our editor’s carts and virtual wish lists.

Before we jump right into our current top picks, we must warn you: the below mentioned items retail at absurdly affordable prices, available without restriction WORLDWIDE, and so versatile you’ll be able to mix and match with anything from a vintage blouse of your grandma’s closet to a current seasonal striped top from a high-end designer. Also, since flowers aren’t exactly yet blooming but instead as of this weekend, covered in a short layer of snow, we’re not jumping right into floral and sunshine pieces, but leaning more towards pieces to layer, wear year-round, with just a shimmer of spring state of mind to get you in the mood for what’s to come.

To give you a sense of what we were looking for when browsing through the mysterious realms of the world wide web, our team had a few looks in mind: a composed, yet classy with a twist work outfit, some seasonal essentials to wear anywhere from brunch to meeting the in-laws, long weekends on the seaside, as well as feminine evening pieces to elevate your usual go-to look.

Now, shall we? Oh and whilst you scroll down, make sure to keep a mental note of what you’re eyeing, and what you’ll be buying – then tell us in the comments section below!

First up, this Swedish retailer:

The Spanish fashion house that isn’t Zara:

The other brand that falls under H&M’s wing:

From a small NYC boutique to one of our go-to online shops for exclusive pieces:

When L.A. blends with Sweden:

And the best of the UK high street:

Images: H&M

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