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Every sartorially-inclined girl has her days where putting on a crisp button down and a stiff pair of slacks or non-stretch blue jeans simply isn’t an option. The process of exchanging a pair of cozy cashmere leggings and oversized sweater in lieu of a carefully picked out satin blouse and skirt might be seemingly uninteresting to some of us, but when it comes to dressing for cold and crisp mornings before venturing out into the subway on your way to work, comfort and warmth is everything.

The urge to put on one of these instead of a blazer and skirt has become more tempting than ever before.

Perfect when you’re running late, but are still inclined towards looking like you didn’t just exit a spa retreat. Comfortable, stylish and elegant fabrics make these the ultimate basics for dressing in cold weather. After all, no matter what you put on, whether it’s a pair of denim cut-offs when sitting on a plane seat or worried about creasing your newly ironed silk top on the way to a job interview, confidence is everything. The secret is to look aesthetically pleasing – wearing a cashmere set of joggers doesn’t mean you have to look sloppy or like you just stepped out of bed, make it look chic, even if it feels as comfortable as your favorite pair of pyjamas. Trust us, you will look more polished than you think.

While I do fully recognize that dressing in matching cashmere or wool sets does not qualify as proper job attire in most work places, but if you’re part of the lucky bunch where style comes above dress code, than by all means, be our guest and indulge in all the comfort this season (and its designers!) have to offer. Consider them unsung heroes of daytime pyjamas and at-home loungewear – because after seeing convincing evidence that these looks can be worn on a daily basis whilst running errands and getting work done, I for one am sold on the trend and have slowly been gravitating to feeling more comfortable rather than inappropriately-dressed, warm rather than feeling as though all extremities of my body are a second from peeling off, and most importantly confident, whilst doing so. Shouldn’t you too?

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