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Despite the fact that the  fashion and beauty industry are ever-changing, we can’t help but constantly fall back onto items that simply don’t disappoint. You’d have thought that as we get older our shopping habits might change, and as our style and taste evolves and changes – but unfortunately the longevity of some products don’t always stand the test of time.

You must be wondering which pieces we’re referring to specifically. After asking our friends, family members and colleagues, we’ve amassed a pretty short list of fashion and beauty essentials that we buy on repeat. The criteria to fulfil in order to qualify for an on-repeat purchase were the following: they have to be accessible (available online as well as in-store without a waiting list), affordable (makes sense especially since you buy them multiple times), and they can’t be seasonal (we’re talking true essentials here).

Following our survey, we divided the products into 2 categories: fashion and beauty. The first include both brands and the actual product itself. Starting with brands, Levi’s and Ray-Ban are two that never fail. Year after year, the designers manage to create pieces that become both trendy must-haves, as well as classics to wear on repeat. Levi’s winner is the 501, in all fits: skinny, distressed, high-waisted and cut-offs for summer. Ray-Ban’s winners are the timeless affordable pairs that include the Aviator, the Wayfarer and the Icons Round frames that all retail for less than $200.

When a brand succeeds in designing unique and practical pieces, it’s difficult not to instantly click ‘purchase now’. Other pieces ladies around the world stock up on every couple months include the following: high-waisted trousers (flattering fit, go well from day to night and indulging meals), crisp white button downs (you know it’s time to replace them when the white turns into a light shade of yellow), nude and seamless underwear (because what else is there to wear under white?), bodysuits (for their comfort, warmth and sexiness), cashmere sweaters (J.Crew and Uniqlo are our go-to’s for both quality, price and colour range), hosiery (because you can never have enough tights or gym socks), and lastly everyday jewellery that won’t break your heart if you happen to misplace them (gold hoops and stacking rings are our favorites).


In the beauty department, it was more of a vigorous task, since our aim was to keep it below a certain price point and since most makeup products that women buy on repeat tend to be on the pricier side, we really had to limit ourselves. Lo and behold, we managed to narrow it down to both carry-on essentials and a few indulging products. Hair-wise, we swear by L’Oréal shampoo and conditioner, available at all drugstores and if you have a thick mane, then you’ll know how tough the detangling process can be. This dry shampoo comes in a small and medium format and offers variations for different hair colors. While we’re on the topic of thick manes, these hairbands by H&M sit really tight even through the most tenacious workouts.

Face-wise, since we discovered Cetaphil, there was no going back to any other face washes. The texture is light, with no smell or oily aftermath. For your hands, we love this hand cream , try it for yourself and you’ll see how it’s one of the most popular products that ever landed on Clarins shelves. For your lashes, we recommend this L’Oreal volume million mascara, easy to put on and take off – and this concealer by Armani is light as a feather, and has quickly become our only high-end beauty firm to buy any cover-ups from.

If you’re off somewhere sunny in the next weeks, we envy you but also recommend you bring this sunscreen for the perfect golden tan (their aftersun is fab too, but use in moderation due to price tag)! Lastly, we always carry blister plasters, because you can never trust a never worn, newly purchased pair of shoes, paracetamol, this lip balm by Avène (comedogenic), these capsules of activated charcoal for its many benefits and uses, including DIY at home teeth whitening, home-made face masks and scrubs, as well as a great supplement when you’re feeling nauseous or have an unsettled stomach. And if you’ve ever suffered from breakouts (or still are, hello adult acne), then this small tub will save you. Apply at night, mixed with your cream and you’ll instantly feel a smoother skin and reduced breakouts.


What do you buy in multiples? Tell us in the comments below!

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