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Hi Chessie! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us, we’re excited to discover and learn all about your fitness and health journey and tips.

1. You’ve gained a lot of popularity in terms of health and fitness over the years. Could you tell us a bit more what a typical day as a blogger is, and what your main inspirations are?

Firstly, thank you so much!

A typical day involves a lot of running around London, working out, eating popcorn & amazing events. Everyday is different which means every week is super exciting! It’s amazing because a lot of my friends are in the industry so I get to spend my days ‘working’ with them. My main inspirations are my parents. They are superheroes! They’re both incredible, my Mum won the London Triathlon for her age group & my Dad (in the same race) came 3rd in his age group! They both support me in everything I do & amaze me every day!

2. Your personal blog C-Krets is all about good foods, hotels, and places to go. Where would you say your go-to places for healthy food in England are?

Oh I absolutely LOVE finding little gems, especially if they’re healthy!

My top 5 in London:

  • Beany Green/ Daisy Green
  • Ahi Poke
  • Sticks n Sushi
  • Tibits
  • WOK IT

3. How did you get into the health and fitness industry and what would be doing if it wasn’t this?

I started interviewing & doing ‘days in the life of’ with my favourite fitness Instagrammers about 2 years ago. I would edit 15 second clips of the day I’d spent with them (that was the limit back then) & no one else was really using video on Instagram. Presenting for me is such a big part of my life & I love intergrating it into the ‘Health & Fitness’ industry, hosting live events.

4. Can you tell us about your weekly fitness schedule?

I try to train 5-6 days a week with a Sunday and a rest day every week (unless there’s an event or a workout Steph & I have to do!)

As I’m all over London in the week I never have a set structure but always go to the closest fitness first. I try to train upper body twice a week and lower body twice so I can do 1-2 sessions of pure HIIT. I love a spin class, I feel on top of the world after!

5. How do you deal with naughty/unhealthy food temptations, especially knowing you’re a big popcorn fanatic?

It takes a lot of will power but the main thing I’ve learnt is, if I buy it I’ll eat it, even if it’s for someone else! If I resist even buying it, I won’t think about it again. I try & limit my popcorn addiction to a normal human sized pack 4-5 times a week (not a family pack – which it used to be!)

– Now talking a bit more about your collaboration with your best friend Stephanie Elsewood.

6. You have recently been announced brand ambassador for JD Women and Nike Women, congratulations! What’s your favorite item from each brand and why?

Ah thank you so much! It’s such an amazing campaign & we absolutely love working with both Nike & JDwomen. I am in love with the black & gold sparkly set from Nike Women & the khaki collection from JD women. We live in these outfits!

7. Your blog with Stephanie, Two Peas in a Bod, is mostly based on fitness workouts and videos and is a great source of inspiration. How did Stephanie and you meet and how do you come up with all your ideas?

We met about 2 years ago through 2 mutual friends who I grew up with & Steph went to musical theatre school with & fell in love! We’re like a married couple!

Coming up with ideas is the best bit, we talk every second of the day when we’re apart on every form of contact! When we’re doing our partner workout videos we just try everything & completely fail but it’s hilarious! We have loads of outtakes on our YouTube!

8. Before you go, we need to ask you one last thing, what would be your advice to our fellow shoppers on how to stay healthy and happy?

My main piece of advice is do it with someone, whether it’s your bestfriend/partner/sister/cousin… it’s so much more fun going through the journey not alone. You will be there to support each other, workout together & help each other when you both need it. If you’ve planned on working out together, you’re more likely to stick to it & not cancel on each other.

The main thing… HAVE FUN! Challenge yourself & love learning from it all X