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It’s no secret that when you work in the fashion industry or are simply an avid fashion lover, keeping up with trends can be tedious and expensive. It seems nowadays that the way to wear or style a particular piece of clothing, bag or pair of heels switch faster than we change our bed sheets. There has never been a time where so many *cool* emerging designers hit the fashion scene with creative designs that make you ogle over their look books in pure admiration and need of possession.

By the time you do decide to purchase the latest thing, it’s difficult to choose from all the variety! Should I purchase an investment piece or get the affordable version and save up for something else? The good thing is that one of the most sought-after materials this season can be found at all price points, looking as good at a mere £20 as at £200 and is none other than satin. The fabric originates from the Middle Ages and was initially made from silk which led to its expensive price and allure, hence only used by the upper classes. Luckily for us, it’s 2018 and satin pieces aren’t so rare anymore and accessible to all.

The reason why we literally can’t unsee it is because it was one of the dominating fabrics in SS18 fashion weeks for a few reasons: its ultra feminine feel, glossy surface which flows perfectly and seamlessly over a women’s body and of course its versatility. A satin cami top worn with a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans can add softness and contrast to the look, and a pair of satin flares paired with a chunky knit can instantly elevate your look. If that isn’t reason enough, it’s also an easy material to wear year-round – simply layer a satin slip dress with a turtleneck during cold weather and go bare during summer!

If you happen to shy away from its figure-hugging texture, we get you and recommend you invest instead in everything else satin that doesn’t fall under the clothing category. This spring we’re loving bright or pastel coloured satin pumps, as well as headbands to emulate your inner Blair Waldorf, or opt for something in the accessories department, like this satin clutch.

One thing this luxe fabric is guaranteed to exude is a sense sophistication and put togetherness that is often only achieved through complex styling and expensive pieces. However, not all that glitters is gold – the only downside to the silky fabric is its practicality when it comes to maintenance. Make sure to check all labels for cleaning, and always use a soft detergent when trying to get a stain out of let’s say a newly-purchased sage green satin tote (update: if you’re gentle anything will come out!)

Ready for spring and no frills satin dresses and skirts? Shop our selection of pieces below!

Images: Nicole Warne by Tim Regas / @wheresmydriver

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