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It’s no secret that Parisian women have immaculate style. Mastering the relaxed but always put together look, we couldn’t have been more delighted when yet another Paris-based brand made headlines when launching France’s first online only fashion brand, ladies meet Sézane.

Founded by Morgane Sezalory, the designer and genius behind Sézane started similarly to Sophie Amuroso with Nasty Gal, by selling vintage clothes and finds on eBay back, before she realized the Internet had given her a job. She went on to first creating the platform Les Composantes on which she would sell 100 pieces once a month. After watching them sell out within minutes, it gave her the push to launch Sézane.

Fast-forward a couple months and Sézane, a mix of vintage-inspired feminine pieces came to life in 2013 with the help of her two business partners (one of them being her now husband). What makes Sézane such a crowd pleaser? The prices are accessible, the pieces are thought through, statement, trendy and wardrobe must-haves. Being only sold online, the brand differentiated itself massively from other French fashion houses like Maje, Sandro, Iro who all boast stand alone stores on top of their online presence.

Sezalory’s desire for attractive and affordable items created for real life, plausible fashion alternatives led her to start designing pieces as opposed to simply selling bargain vintage finds on various outlets. We couldn’t be more grateful to have this Parisian brand land on the fashion scene, in the midst of all the product offering currently available. It’s a refreshing dose of frilly, casual feminine pieces for everyday.

Frilly shirts by Sezane

With Sézane’s online presence growing by the minute, the team decided to open their first brick and mortar store in 2016, dubbed L’Appartement in Paris. The space is gorgeous and features a cinema as well as a photo booth and other quirks for accompanying shopping pals. Other locations include a space at the Bon Marché in Paris and another location of L’Appartement in New York City.

What’s next for Sézane? At the end of March, the brand is opening their charity boutique located in Paris and is focusing on giving back by raising funds through their platform DEMAIN, for children whose prospects are unfairly disadvantaged. To say they’re succeeding is an understatement, they’re already raised just over €200’000 of their 2018 €1 million goal.

Why start online-only? It’s pretty self evident – the fantastic thing about the Internet is that it gives people endless and limitless opportunities. Gone are the days where only certain types of job titles existed, and no room for other talent. Nowadays, with the right idea in mind to differentiate yourself from your industry peers, there’s always space for more talent.

Now onto their collections – expect floral dresses, dotted with polka dots, feminine waists with a side of flirty. Sézane’s collection of tops include regular t-shirts (because we never have enough), chic blouses and silky pyjama-inspired shirts. Bottoms-wise, their jeans collection is a huge success and sold out within minutes, but there’s still room for fabulous printed trousers, wrap skirts, mini suede and denim skirts with scalloped hems and the perfect vintage-looking shorts. As cover-ups, we recommend splurging on open cardigans, laced-up sweaters and printed jumpers for a casual look. For the outdoors, Sézane has created the most effortless looking jackets, from denim to leather passing by blazers and trench coats, throwing on one of their outerwear pieces is guaranteed to give you those Parisian feels you’ve been longing for. Lastly, their brand also includes a lingerie line, some lifestyle accessories as well as a range of leather goods. There isn’t anything Sézane put out there that isn’t welcomed with open arms by their loyal shoppers.

Printed t-shirt by Sezane

Before you leave us, don’t forget to head to their website and shop their Spring collection. We guarantee you’ll find something to wear on your next weekend outing or date night. And don’t forget to share your thoughts and purchases in the comments section below!

Images: Sézane

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