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It’s been a big season for shoes – from the second fashion weeks hit September, us avid readers of street style pages caught a glimpse of what was trending this season. From kitten heels, to block ankle boots, it was difficult to wrap up a wish list of what to buy, and what to spare.

Some pieces stayed in season from last year – velvet block heel booties and over the knee classic black boots. Others such as combat and cowboy styles made a proper comeback as one of the most comfortable and casual boots you could stroll around in during winter. Speaking of not so casual, satin thigh high boots in bold and flashy colours like purple, fuchsia made headlines when designers like Balenciaga made us all want to get a pair as soon as we spotted them. In the same colour scheme, we’re loving statement pieces like patent red ankle booties and classic match-all white block heels.

Last but not least, we shan’t forget the ostentatious and prominent arrival of glitter and sequins. From the sold out Saint Laurent and TOPSHOP styles, every fashion girl around the globe wanted to get her hands on this pair that simply make an outfit go from 0 to 100 real quick.

Without any further ado, and because we know fashion can be a fickle thing, we’ve rounded up the shoe trends we purchased over the past months, and the ones that are still neatly stored in our shopping carts, (im)patiently waiting to go on sale!

Scroll through to shop our key pieces, from blush velvet booties to satin mules and metallic hues. Don’t forget to tell us what you got, you know how much we appreciate sharing!


Images: Jason Merritt via Getty

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