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You know the drill, spend your hard-earned cash on quality pieces and head to fast-fashion, high-street gems for all things trend. Our shopping habits here at The Weekly Cut are as varied and diverse as the weather in the past 6 weeks. High 80s and low 50s? That’s how we’ve been feeling about fashion – how can we possibly decide which pieces to invest in, and which to forego?

After years of learning, failing and ultimately succeeding – it’s safe to say that we’ve mastered the buying process when it comes to acquiring the best picks for the new season. This Fall/Winter, things don’t look much different, except for the fact that the selection is on point, making the decision-making process much harder! Unsure which pair of Western-style boots to invest in? And what about all those croc-effect bags, footwear and accessories we’ve been bookmarking since the first days of Fashion Month? As tempting as it all sounds, unfortunately our wallet and bank balance don’t always agree – which is why we made it our duty to share with you 5 e-commerce sites we swear by, for expensive-looking pieces, that are as affordable as possible.

Curious to find out where we find our best stuff, not just quality, trend-wise but also price-friendly? Stay with me as I divulge our best-kept secrets. The below mentioned shopping destinations are all we look for, when browsing online for some worthy purchases that will match the rest of our seasonal wardrobes. The selection is usually pretty slim, which makes choosing that much easier, the designs are on point, and the items look as good on our laptops as they do when they come in the mail. If that’s not a good start, then what is? Lastly, and if you still aren’t convinced, all 5 sites have been tried and tested by yours truly, and you know we wouldn’t recommend anything we wouldn’t use ourselves, over and over again. Now, if your fingertips are as anxious as ours as we type this, don’t hesitate and scroll through to find our trustworthy picks to wear from now until next Spring.

In an effort to make sure you don’t find yourself entering a bar, restaurant or even office wearing the same thing as Sally by the water cooler, don’t worry – the selection is unique, editor-approved and has already received a slew of compliments, including from some of our mothers! And mothers are never wrong, amirite?







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