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Bridget Bahl is the cute American girl behind AndIWasLike: a blog focused on all things girls discuss: fashion, beauty and food. The former YSL publicist and reality starlet took some time to pick her favourite picks from Dressarie, as she focuses on a chic athletic style.

Bridget found herself torn between loving the PR world, yet getting tired of it and perhaps it not being the right fit for her. Wanting freedom to wear what she wanted and talk about the things that were important to her, she turned to her laptop screen and started writing and taking pictures, and that’s how her now hugely successful blog was born! Unafraid of being herself and sporting the “shortest shorts”, Bridget is a tiny blogger owning great petite shapes. But don’t let her size fool you as she takes over social media with a following of over 200K!

Very inspiring for all the petite-shaped girls out there, Bridget not only has a wardrobe to die for, but has a great sense of styling and amazing fashion tips! Have a look at her top picks below and shop her look on Dressarie now.

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