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Camilla Carril founder of

Originally from Brasil, Sao Paulo, Camila has always had the desire to move abroad and finally in 2007, moved to the city of the Big Smoke, London. Fashion stylist, blogger and founder of, Camila undoubtedly has the eye for stunning style, flawless chic and trendy elegance.

Through her strikingly aesthetic blog, photos and social media accounts, is Camila‘s own collection of traveling photography, beauty tips and recommendations as well as a catalogue of her ravishing daily outfits. Having collaborated with global brands such as Levi’s and Ralph Lauren among others, Camila truly understands the combination of colors as well as the merging of layers and textures to create unique and outstanding outfits.

Widely recognized for her impeccable street style, It really is no surprise that she has been captured during London Fashion Week and published in Vogue and Bazaar.

It is with great honor here at Dressarie that she has exclusively hand-picked her top items for her favorite chic and trendy look: