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This month, we sit down with Camille, creator and founder of @camilleetlesgarcons as she chats with us on her go-to beauty products, her daily routine, how she got started in the industry and her ongoing collaboration with Elle Girl TV. Scroll down to read the full Q&A and shop her 5 picks from Dressarie now.

AG: Hi Camille, thank you so much for taking the time to have a chat with us, we are very much looking forward to getting all the inside picks for this year’s best beauty tips.

AG:First of all, can you tell us a bit about how you got into the beauty industry and most importantly how your chronic with Elle Girl TV came about?

CB: Beauty and Fashion have always be a passion for me. The new channel ELLE girl tv called me before the summer to ask me if it would be OK for me to be the new beauty girl, and obviously I said yes immediately ! I’m very happy to have my chronic and give girls a lot of beauty advice !

AG: What is your daily beauty routine and what advice would you give to our fellow shoppers to best keep your skin healthy and beautiful?

CB: The most important for me is to remove my make-up every night and doing a light scrub everyday. Using a face oil when your face is very dry is also a good way to keep your skin smooth and beautiful !

AG: What would you say is your go-to make up product and what is your ultimate secret when it comes to applying it?

CB: I’m a big fan of highlighter and my favorite is the one by BY TERRY and MAYBELINE. The secret is to apply it on your nose bridge and on the top of your cheeks, it will make you glow and look super pretty.

AG: Do you find your makeup pattern changing depending on trends and new products coming out or are you more of a “stick with what you know” kind of girl?

CB: I’m more a “stick with what I know” kind of girl but I try a lot of new things for my blog and for the TV show. It’s a real pleasure for me to discover new products and tell my readers what the best new products are.

AG: Last but surely not least, can you tell us a bit about how you started your blog CamilleEtLesGarcons and how you got into the blogging industry?

CB: I started my blog 3 years ago after a few experiences in magazines such as Marie-Claire and ELLE. At the beginning, it was just a hobby but brands quickly got in touch with me and it became my full-time job. I’m really enjoying doing this, everyday is full of surprises and I get to meet interesting and great people all the time.

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