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Carrie founder of WishWishWish

Carrie is not originally from London but truly is a Londoner at heart. As a fashion and travel blogger, Carrie, shares her passion and love for trendy fashion, yummy junk food and adventurous travels on her personal blog WishWishWish in beautiful photography with “lots, and lots of love” as stated by her. Her blog has been recognized worldwide and has had international features in publications as well as collaborations with brands such as Carven at La Redoute, Gap and Swarovski.

She is not only very current in her style and an undeniable fashion influencer but also manages to portray her personality traits through her blog and social media in which she shares personal whereabouts and fun everyday thoughts. Whether it is about her fabulous stay in a foreign hotel for her “minimoon” or her most recent road trips, Carrie truly treats her readers and followers as friends in sharing detailed parts of her glamorous and colorful life through stories, photography, and most importantly brilliant outfits.

Following Carrie will make you want to travel in cute sunglasses and casual dresses to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Greece, Morocco and much more! You will certainly find her smile contagious…

We could not think of a better blogger to portray a fun and vibrant approach to personal style and joy, so discover in this guest blogger’s edition, Carrie’s top picks for a fun day in London: