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This month we’ve had the pleasure to chat with Emily Johnston, our go-to American girl in London as she tells us how she got here, how her fashion sense changed and what she misses the most about back home.

Welcome to Dressarie! We’re so happy to get the chance to sit down with you and hear all about your fashion journey and what it’s like to live in London as an American. We can imagine that moving across the pond isn’t that easy but we’ve been dying to ask you about your new life and fashion aspirations.

AG: Fashion Foie Gras aka FFG, your personal fashion and travel blog was first created in 2009. Can you tell us a bit more about what inspired you to start blogging and the thought-process behind the food-related name?

EJ: In the beginning, FFG really was an outlet for me, a way to be involved in the fashion world. At the time I started it I was working as a full time PR for an auction house in London. At night I would go home and write until I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. I loved it, loved being a part of the conversation and engaging with so many people around the world. The name, well that’s a long story but, in a nutshell, I wanted a name that stressed fashion but could easily be stretched to encompass a luxury lifestyle.

AG: What’s been the biggest upsides and downsides about moving to London, and why?

EJ: The biggest upside is having absolutely everything at your fingertips – art, culture, amazing food, shopping etc. The downside is definitely being so far away from my family.

AG: Do you think that moving to the UK has affected your style or influenced your fashion habits in a specific way? If so, could you give us some examples?

EJ: It most definitely has! I used to be really preppy- more or less living in Ralph Lauren. Moving to London has given me a new lease on life in fashion. Still wearing Ralph but having a lot more fun mixing and matching. There are no rules here and experimenting is half the fun!

AG: We couldn’t help but swoon over those gorgeous golden retrievers you’ve got back home, and can only imagine how much you miss them. What are the main 5 things you miss most about the US and home in general?

EJ: Wow. I have to limit it to 5? 😉
1. Definitely the dogs!
2. Driving! Although after 15 years in the UK I’m finally learning. Of course it will be dangerous when I can as the limits on shopping will go out the window. Being able to shop freely with a whole trunk at my disposal spells trouble even for online shopping and returns!
3. My style icon, aka my mother. Everything I know about fashion, I learned from this goddess.
4. Southern charm! There is a certain politeness and kindness in the south that I have yet to find anywhere else on earth and I am always homesick for it.
5. Closet space. Seriously challenged here in London with closets! Missing my USA walk-ins!

AG: Some of our most loyal shoppers at Dressarie are actually US-based believe it or not! What are three tips you would give to girls on how to best adopt the ‘London look’ ?

EJ: The London look is all about layering and it’s evolved out of necessity. You never know what the weather will be here. I’m pretty sure I never leave with less than three layers.
It’s also about having fun with fashion and pushing the boundaries on trends. Londoners aren’t trend followers, for the most part, they are trend setters. Sit on any street corner and watch as the fashion gurus of our time stroll the streets this summer. Seriously, this is a city that is always ahead of its time when it comes to style. It’s so inspirational!

Check out Emily’s blog here and follow her on Instagram to get a glimpse into this Southern gal’s outfits and browse her favorite items from below!