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Originally from Slovenia, Maja Malnar has always followed her passions through her travels and the people she met along the way. She is now using her personal blog, Maja’s diary by Maja Malnar to share her dedication to various topics such as health, fashion, beauty and psychology. With a very positive outlook on the world, Maja truly is an uplifting and a perfect spokeswomen for ambitious young women around the world.

Born in a city with less than 2 million habitants has not let Maja afraid of the wide world far and beyond. She began her career in the entertainment industry at 16 and has since become; a model, a TV hostess and finally, a highly influential fashion and travel blogger. Through the ups and downs of her career and personal life, Maja has grown a strength in finding positivism in life and a ferocious appreciation for beautiful things and in following her passions. Through Maja’s blogging, you will find uplifting and very educational posts about beauty and health, inspiring articles on her ideas and thoughts but most importantly here; beautiful fashion.

Maja has a very “athletic chic” style and is able to combine leisure wear with high fashion with a remarkable eye for detail. We are blessed and happy to present to you, Maja’s top picks for a cold and trendy winter day. Here are her picks: