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Skip the current midwinter doldrums you’re experiencing and take a look at what’s coming up next season in terms of accessories. More specifically, we’re looking at bags, slouchy bags! You know the kind that sort of lacks of shape, whose leather or faux-leather is perfectly smooth and on which you could presumably take a nap on whenever needed?

That’s what we’re here to talk about today – after the big hurrah and sold out conundrum around the infamous Bottega Veneta pouch last season, there’s a new baby on the market and it’s the shoulder pouch. If you don’t have to think twice about whether an item is worth its price and can insert your credit card into the machine without blinking an eye, then please by all means get your hands on this perfectly shaped croissant/small shoulder pouch by Daniel Lee’s collection. Should the above not quite fit your shopping process, stay with us and keep reading.

Characteristically short in shape and structure, these relatively non-rigid bags are some of our wardrobe staples due to their versatility. Whether it’s a trip to the gym, a day at the office or an overnight flight across the Atlantic, slouchy bags have the ability to not only fit more than what they appear to, but can be easily stashed away due to their lack of structure. Take your pick from a medium sized shoulder version to a pouch-sized one, bright colors like this red one by Anthropologie or a neutral tone by Rag & Bone, or go wild with snake-effect and romantic floral-print like this one.

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