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Now that winter is comfortably here and reminding us everyday that it will be dark outside when we head to work and come back from work, we’ve entered a new season where comfort often takes precedence over style. Rest assured however because believe it or not, we’re pros of winter styling here at TWC and whether you’re based in warmer capital cities such as Madrid or Lisbon, or go to work having to walk over six feet of snow in New York or Montreal, we’ve got you covered!

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to wear your leather boots everyday. Remember, you have to take care of your boots so wearing them everyday might ruin them, and we surely don’t want that to happen.

Although mentioning the words *winter* and *sneakers* might not sound like a combination that usually comes to mind, sneakers can more than withstand chilly temperatures! As long as you’re covered up with nicely layered knitted sweaters, wooly hats and comfortable scarves, you’ll be more than ready to face extreme temperatures.

The denim combo

It’s safe to say that denim and white sneakers are a *very* popular combination, whether worn in the summer, or in the winter. Best thing yet, denim looks absolutely great with a beige or grey boyfriend coat, and the contrast between your coat’s chicness and the laid back essence of your sneakers will seriously give you an edge, especially if you work in the creative industry.

The skirt combo

You should certainly not be afraid to work your sneakers into your skirt and dress looks. Sometimes sneakers can seriously bring that shock factor we all long for on a fun outing with a friend, or even to impress a potential date… Don’t be afraid to clash the colour of your sneakers with the colour of your tights, that’s what they’re here for!

The contrasting socks combo

A heavy knitted sock is what you need to make sneakers doable with wide-leg pants this winter, especially if you live in the northern part of Europe. Ready for something a bit different? Try to pair your sneakers with an extra chunky pair, and make sure to show them off by wearing an ankle length pair of jeans to keep your toes warm and cozy on a chilly Monday morning.

The pop of colour combo

Winter unfortunately usually calls for more tonal or less original colour palettes which is why a pair of coloured sneakers can be the answer to your somewhat more boring winter outfits. Not sure which colour to go for? Red and green are super trendy at the moment, but take your pick (no-one will judge!).

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