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Create clickbait products and the rest will follow. As we keep up with the tradition of highlighting our current must haves, we thought to ourselves, why not share the new things we’re loving this week. All the way from bookmarking Instagram posts of drool worthy styles to virtual wish lists, it seems as though the first week of November is filled with some real good goodies.

You see, the thing with a constant revolving door of new arrivals and recommendations, it can quickly become overwhelming to sift through, and ultimately decide what to buy. Don’t get us wrong, this is a good thing and the Internet has become sort of a blessing for providing us with such a sparse catalogue of pieces that may or may not interest us. In my case for instance, I browse 3 times a week through different retailers to see if anything might tickle my fancy – a cute top here, a very necessary multi-purpose belt there, and the list goes on. Recently, I’ve become obsessed with hunting down affordable under £100 jewellery that A. works with any outfits on a daily basis, and B. doesn’t turn green at the mere touch of water or humidity. The latter being an absolute priority in sweat-filled city days. Sure, it takes a while to get what you want, but I’m glad to announce there is light at the end of the tunnel.

If you take a quick look at this week’s 12 Things, you’ll probably notice a pattern of obsession with animal print and mini skirts. Both of which we haven’t been too keen on wearing in the past but decided that as cliché as it sounds, a new year may bring a new taste. The other good news is that 90% of the items are currently on sale, often heavily discounted like this chic leather pouch shoulder bag by Hunting Season. We particularly love that it’s a neutral year-round color and not necessarily a gimmicky seasonal tone that usually lands into the sale section. The two trousers on display are nothing short of gorgeous, should you ever use that term to describe pants and jeans nowadays. First up, the dark wash pair by Urban Outfitters with a diamante hem is quite possibly one of the coolest pieces we’ve seen this year. The second which consists of perfectly tailored high waist straight cut pants by current favorite Khaite are reduced down to just under £200, and will be ideal to put on at the sight of spring.

Should pants not be your go-to bottom of choice, there are three mini skirts to choose from – one is adventurous (calf hair print), the next is a classic traditional tweed material, while the third is a typical passe-partout mini in a navy shade which pretty much always works. Or you know, get them all and play around with funky tops to style them with. Speaking of styling, is any outfit complete without a solid pair of shoes? Trick question – how else are you going to make it out the door? Not so tricky are the two boots options currently in our shopping bag. One has been tried and tested for the past month – that’s right, the suede combat boot by Reformation has been worn in fresh snow as well as on the dance floor and it’s safe to say it’s an absolutely great investment. The second pair is literally under £50 and the most easy going pair of ankle boots, if there ever was any! In all seriousness though, we’ll be wearing them both with leather pants during winter as well as with a pair of denim shorts come summer.

That’s all for now, but see for yourself. Keep reading to see the picks we’re loving and should you introduce them to the rest of your wardrobe, don’t forget to share with us on Instagram!

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