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If you’re someone that’s prone to investing in the latest and greatest of the season you currently find yourself in, you know better than to just impulse buy on a whim without second-guessing the item in terms of quality, durability, cost per wear, retail price and level fo appreciation. Of course, it’s only natural to feel tempted to fall into the fashion rabbit hole of getting your hands on a new seasonal find – but do it smartly, we ask you!

Splurging on a piece is absolutely fine, if not encouraged – after all, you’ve earned that money that’s just sitting in your bank account eagerly waiting to get spent on a fruitful purchase. Unfortunately, we learned our lesson (the hard way), and have once or twice succumbed to trendy pieces that were simply *just* trendy. As the months, hell even weeks went by, that one pair of boots just didn’t fit with the rest of our closet, or that one frilly top just wasn’t getting incorporated into any looks – not even at night or in a new city! If you’re lucky and have the space, you’ll keep the piece and are able to resurrect it after a few seasons, but for the most part that item remains unworn, cluttering up much needed closet space and will be donated or hopefully sold to a lucky person!

So in honor of Thanksgiving week and all the sales that come with it, we buckled up and took a deep dive into the sea of remaining boots to splurge on not only this season, but for the years to come. Let’s try make minimizing waste a priority and only buy what actually makes sense, and of course make up happy. Keep scrolling to shop 12 pairs of boots we have already been wearing since the weather forecast gave us no other choice but to cover up our legs, or are still on our wish list!

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