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It seems like although spring trends are all the hype, we’re still here championing wardrobe staples like never before. To give you a bit of foreplay into which essential we’re covering today, let’s start by discussing one of spring 2019’s most coveted category: belted outerwear. From utility jackets to suede fringes, white belted leather jackets and the beige trench coat, it’s safe to say we’ve got that department sorted. Where we’re still looking to get an upgrade in are the classic old school blazers, and here’s why.

Ever since I browsed through my mother’s closet, or thrifted through high street retailers to find adequate work wear from my past life in the corporate world, I was in search of the perfect blazer. Hell, I even had one made during my teenage years at boarding school with the school’s crest on the front left pocket, obliged to wear at all formal events. Unfortunately, I rarely found a style that didn’t look like the other. For the most part blazers were closely cut, in a dark shade between blue, black or dark grey and never featured any sort of detail that would make it stand out. And no, the crest/logo doesn’t count!

Believe it or not, even when I was allowed to choose my outfit of choice, hence in the workplace, I still had difficulty tracing a blazer that stood out from the norm. And that was just a few years ago, so what made designers change the way blazers look and how come everyone I see is on the lookout for the next most stylish one? Stylistically speaking, the flow of emerging designers with unique talent have been a huge helping hand in reinventing this classic staple in an original yet appropriate way. Also, it appears that we are no longer confined to strict dress codes (for the most part), and are able to play around a bit more when it comes to dressing up for our 9 to 5 job.

Most companies are becoming more lenient towards what is considered appropriate workwear (also depending on the industry you’re in), but rest assured that even in strict environments, a lot of what we’re seeing from brands can be deemed fully acceptable. 

In honor of this change in fashion cycles, we’re here to highlight some of the blazers we will be buying this season. Expect a fresh take on a fashion staple that feels modern and cool – from old school accents like double-breasted fastenings, to a more structured look with pockets, cinched waists and padded shoulders, as well as oversized pieces guaranteed to elicit self empowerment, but most importantly joy. And since we know that there’s a lot on the market right now and not one brands fits the bill, also because getting contrived in choosing between one or the other isn’t fun, we sorted through for you.

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