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If you’d had told me a few months ago that the colour grey would be flooding our feeds, whether online on Pinterest or Instagram, or offline in magazine spreads and ads, I wouldn’t be shocked, even for a second. Because when it comes to shades as neutral and varied as grey, there’s little that can go wrong – blend it with a funky print or match it with other neutral tones, there’s no serious wrongdoing in our opinion.

So much so, that we’ve amassed the right amount of grey shades over the years and seasons. And before you tell me that grey isn’t really a colour, but merely a blend, or a blurry area between black and right, let me go right ahead and tell you that as contradictory as it sounds, sometimes it’s the simple outfits that are the chicest. Case in point, now that fashion month has wrapped, we’re taking a close look at all the documented street style looks spotted worldwide. As we dutifully noted, grey jeans are still a corner staple in a women’s wardrobe. It’s light enough to wear when temperatures rise and cool enough to wear styled with cold weather essential during fall and winter.

We took note and present you 10 denim pieces that play the equal parts role of a timeless and a classic-with-a-twist pair of jeans. Below, you’ll find a curated selection for that capsule wardrobe essential that goes with everything. Share your favorite piece with your best friend, work colleague, your mother, or even your significant other – there’s never a time to NOT invest in grey jeans!

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