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Create clickbait products and the rest will follow. As we keep up with the tradition of highlighting our current must haves, we thought to ourselves, why not share the new things we’re loving this week. All the way from bookmarking Instagram posts of drool worthy styles to virtual wish lists, it seems as though the first week of November is filled with some real good goodies.

You see, the thing with a constant revolving door of new arrivals and recommendations, it can quickly become overwhelming to sift through, and ultimately decide what to buy. Don’t get us wrong, this is a good thing and the Internet has become sort of a blessing for providing us with such a sparse catalogue of pieces that may or may not interest us. In my case for instance, I browse 3 times a week through different retailers to see if anything might tickle my fancy – a cute top here, a very necessary multi-purpose belt there, and the list goes on. Recently, I’ve become obsessed with hunting down affordable under £100 jewellery that A. works with any outfits on a daily basis, and B. doesn’t turn green at the mere touch of water or humidity. The latter being an absolute priority in sweat-filled city days. Sure, it takes a while to get what you want, but I’m glad to announce there is light at the end of the tunnel.

This week we’re turning to warm weather essentials, long lasting garments and beautiful handcrafted accessories that will stand the test of time. Starting with the beauty department, we’re crushing on anything Megababe creates, and this bust dust anti-boob-sweat powder should be a staple in any women’s skincare closet! Also essential for a good night’s sleep? This sound machine that literally makes you forget about anything going on outside of your head. But for the days where you wander out, we want to make sure your head is covered with something stylish to stay clear of the sun, and this tie-dye cowboy style piece by Sensi is high up on our wish list.

Moving on to actual clothes, we’re loving the fact that longer length shorts are trending, and these by Tibi are the perfect cut and color to wear year round. Think travelling during summer without exposing yourself too much in denim cutoff shorts. The swimwear sale at H&M is one not to be missed – so far we added over 5 sets to our shopping carts and we’ve only browsed through 200 items. This triangle coral orange bikini is a classic style not to be overlooked. Also in that color scheme, we’re loving any accessory that doesn’t take a toll on our shoulders, and this clutch by Hunting Season is an absolute dream. Not gonna lie, it’s definitely an investment piece but when you think about how many times you’ll reach for it instead of your usual handbag, it’ll be worth it!

But that’s not all, so keep reading and scroll through to shop 12 things we’re loving this week!

Featured images via Megababe

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