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Create clickbait products and the rest will follow. As we keep up with the tradition of highlighting our current must haves, we thought to ourselves, why not share the new things we’re loving this week. All the way from bookmarking Instagram posts of drool worthy styles to virtual wish lists, it seems as though the first week of November is filled with some real good goodies.

You see, the thing with a constant revolving door of new arrivals and recommendations, it can quickly become overwhelming to sift through, and ultimately decide what to buy. Don’t get us wrong, this is a good thing and the Internet has become sort of a blessing for providing us with such a sparse catalogue of pieces that may or may not interest us. In my case for instance, I browse 3 times a week through different retailers to see if anything might tickle my fancy – a cute top here, a very necessary multi-purpose belt there, and the list goes on. Recently, I’ve become obsessed with hunting down affordable under £100 jewellery that A. works with any outfits on a daily basis, and B. doesn’t turn green at the mere touch of water or humidity. The latter being an absolute priority in sweat-filled city days. Sure, it takes a while to get what you want, but I’m glad to announce there is light at the end of the tunnel.

This week we’re turning to the softest of all color tones: pastels. From home interior pieces like this sublime vase by Completedworks, to ribbed knit midi dresses in a canary yellow by Anna Quan and this off-shoulder one in a sky blue by H&M. It was hard to just stop at 12 things we’re loving – but they all have one thing in common, they’re on sale and are true investment pieces that can be worn on a rotating basis with the rest of your wardrobe.

In that same pot, we also threw in a few essentials that can make our lives a bit easier in this current climate; like this ultraviolet sanitizing wand to clean anything from airplane seats to restaurant bar stools. Kosas’ recently launched deodorant has been our go-to since a week and is going nowhere for the foreseeable future – we love the soft and quick drying texture which is easy to put on in a whim before heading out. Looking to wear something on top of that? Two of our favorite dresses are still available in a few sizes – look to this one for an all-white look with slightly puffed sleeves, and you can never go wrong with floral print in a mini cut like this one by Agua Bendita.

What’s more? If dresses feel too dressed up these days, try this baby pink bodysuit for easy lounge days, and add a gold tone necklace and the latest drop in Nike sneakers as a finishing touch!

But that’s not all, so keep reading and scroll through to shop 12 things we’re loving this week!

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