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There comes the inevitable moment when we all stand motionless in front of our closets, thinking what on earth would make the cut for an adequate New Year’s Eve outfit. Forget NYE alone, when it comes to holiday dressing, we like to use this time to go the extra mile, to bring out the bling and the most colorful pieces, because if not now then when?

No matter the year, the occasion remains the same but perhaps your style has changed and gone are the days when the shortest or longest, most form-fitting and on-display outfit would be your choice for the night. Of course, it also depends on your plans – have you upgraded from a night out to a private party organised by close friends? Alternatively, will you be spending the holidays in the mountains and hence the choice is limited nevertheless since temperatures are threatening to be in the minus? Or have you and your S.O. settled on keeping it low-key and enjoying a relaxing evening at home watching your favorite classic movies?

Whichever your modus operandi this year, we’re letting you in on what we’ve caught track of in the past months. Starting in late August, we came across this strapless midi dress by none other than British retailer Topshop which we made sure to snap up before it inevitably sold out come December. Then there was a huge influx of rainbow sequins, in the shape of everything from matching pantsuits to thigh-slit skirts and an array from accessories. On a more monochrome tone, anything in the holiday season color palette of gold, silver, black and white remain classic and timeless, and of course we were unable to stay away for long from all the silk and satin medley we witnessed everywhere from high to low end designer favorites.

Below, find 15 looks that have been on our radar since we first started taking notes on what to wear this New Year’s Eve. We rounded up everything from jumpsuits to matching skirts and tops, party dresses, stand-out pieces and more.

Featured images via Mango

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