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Being the only girl in my family meant a lot of things, for the most part good with the usual downsides during the infamous teenager years. In my case I grew up surrounded by three brothers which helped me understand the mysteries of the male mind and brain or sometimes lack thereof (JK), how to be tough, grow thick skin and so on. The only thing that I missed out on, though not entirely sure how that usually pans out is the sharing of clothes had I been in the presence of a sister. It sounds great in theory, not to mention if you have similar taste but I guess I’ll never know. What I did however witness throughout the years is the elegant style of our mother. From smelling a whiff of her eau de toilette as she departed the house in the early evenings to attend an event, to her Saturday morning attire, one thing she insists on the most is to always look put together and make an effort, even and especially if it’s just for yourself.

Now you probably assume *HER* closet was the one I could borrow from, but alas that remains a wishful thought. It’s not all that bad I can assure you. She has over the years carefully chosen pieces to gift me as she believes they would suit me just as well as they did her, and I have worn these on repeat followed by immediate compliments. The same goes for accessories/shoes/handbags – perhaps there’s a chance I borrow a much coveted evening clutch, but only in her presence! I won’t lie, there are still a few pieces I have had my eyes on for years that I have sadly not been allowed to adopt for further consumption, yet.

Everyone grows up differently, but if this process of not simply handing over or giving a piece of clothing/accessory or footwear has taught me anything is that you have got to earn it. Don’t expect to get anything handed to you on a platter, because if you play your cards right, everything will fall into place at some point. At times it takes a day or two, and at others it will be a few years. And until I will be handed over the most fabulous jacket – I’m talking chocolate brown vintage Chanel, I will celebrate my mother every day, but especially on Mother’s Day.

Speaking of the devil, giddy up and grab your wallets because Mother’s Day is literally around the corner (this Sunday 31st), and there’s no reason to wait one more minute to shower the mothers in your life. Whether a mom to be, mother, grandmother, in-law, work mom, aunt, you get the gist – scroll through to find a little something that you know will brighten her day.

Disclaimer: we’ve kept our curated selection remarkably diverse for this occasion, because just like growing up, mothers and motherhood come in different shapes and forms for all of us. Shop our Mother’s Day edit and share how you’re celebrating this Sunday.

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