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Despite our non-existent celebration of the much coveted 4th of July celebrations happening across the pond in less than a week, I couldn’t help myself but put together a short guide on what to wear on the holiday celebrating Independence Day in the United States next Wednesday. Perhaps it has got something to do with our not so hidden love, respect but most of all admiration of the one country where dreams come true and unicorn companies are built from eating ramen for a year out of your parent’s garage – but whatever it is, we felt a sort of uncanny need to jot down what we’d wear on this particular date, should we be somewhere between New York City, Long Island, the Midwest or the West Coast. Broad range, I’ll admit, but a girl’s gotta dream!

To be honest with you, there haven’t been many occasions where we found ourselves present in the U.S, on a national holiday – but after having witnessed Memorial Day Weekend in all its glory just last May 2017, as well as the highly popular so-called last weekend of summer, which fittingly falls on the first weekend of September, aka Labor Day Weekend – we thought we might have a few ideas in mind of what our American readers are thinking about matching together for their up and coming celebration looks.

Now, without sounding too much like a tourist, there’s something about pinning together the colours of the flag, as well as a bunch of stars that make for a quite suitable look. While we’ve been through the stages of donning star-studded bathing suits, as well as matching denim cut-offs, it seems as though we found our fit with the selection of some of our favorite designer pieces. From striped one-piece swimsuits, to elegant kaftans, polka-dotted wrap dresses and colorful skirts, there seem to exist no limits to sporting the famous red, white and blue, come next Wednesday.

Join us as we highlight 4 appropriate outfits that will work wherever you’ll be – from a casual beachside barbecue, to date night with your significant other. Don’t forget to shop our hand-curated edit as you go – I have a feeling that our team made it a 99% goal to select strictly pieces on SALE! Curious as to what we’ve cooked up? Scroll down to discover each look (with a twist)!





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