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When we first started cooking ideas for the type of content we wanted to publish on The Weekly Cut, recurring trends was indeed a recurring theme we all agreed would be an absolute no-brainer. The way old trends are being reinvented through new cuts, styles, fits or colors, as well as the way we wear and dress them in today’s day and age make writing about fashion that much more appealing and insightful.

Fast-forward a few seasons and here we are again as we find ourselves head to head faced with yet another fashion statement that was highly popular in the much coveted 80s. The trend in question adds a certain oomph to any top and can quickly, if not in a matter of seconds transform your look from plain and safe to eccentric with a certain aesthetic. As seen particularly during spring and summertime where sleeves aren’t generally hidden by a warm layer of cashmere or wool and much less by a coat or jacket, we look forward to seeing what this season’s collections have concocted to bring the best out of our sleeves.

Bringing the 80s style into spring 2019, after seeing multiple repetitions of the style, it’s incredible to see every designer and brand’s own twist to the trend.

After a quick search, we spotted a few favorites already. We’re loving ruffles and puffy sleeves in swimwear, like on this black bikini top and this one in canary white stripes by Free People, this beige dress with contrast stitching with the best structured sleeves. From puffy sleeves to padded shoulders and ruffles, expect an absolute 80s revival à la Princess Diana in this black and white piece and Naomi Campbell in this oversized cotton shirt edge with statement sleeves.

There you go – as you can see, any resurging trend makes for a good comeback and a whole new palette of designs and colors to explore. And since dresses aren’t always our first wardrobe choice, we’re excited to pair wide-legged trousers and classic high-waisted denim with puffed sleeves and overshadowing shoulders. If not not now, then when? Most importantly, if layering necklaces over one another and finding the right bangles and hair barrettes isn’t your strong suit or hobby of choice, then a decorative top in a silk print is the quickest way to get dressed up with minimal effort.

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