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Anyone who has attempted to navigate through Amazon without a specific plan or wish list item in mind is most likely going to either spend way too much precious time entering keywords without the desired search results, or will scroll through endless pages trying to find something that might be fitting for this and this occasion or need.

Piece of advice from an abundant Amazon shopper and Prime member? Never do any of two above and follow our trusted guidelines to get the best bang for your buck. Firstly, to clear things up – there are two reasons why we choose Amazon to shop specific products: they come in a pack and at a hefty discount, they’re essentials from different departments and we’d rather spend our Saturday morning at brunch than running errands. Sure, there’s the occasional kitchen gadget or beauty tool we’ll hit “add to cart” on, but in a broader sense, the retailer isn’t our chosen pick when looking for something to splurge on, or a never seen before handbag style that just launched during fashion week.

That doesn’t mean it isn’t one of the most trusted, efficient and favorite online platforms to shop on. The broad extensive catalogue of books, utensils, cleaning products and clothing currently sits at just over 110 million products according to Scrapehero, with books ranking as largest category. It’s no surprise that shoppers around the world order items weekly (if not daily!) and receive them at a faster pace than if they’d run out themselves. But since browsing isn’t for everyone, and luckily for you it’s what my job consists of; I thought I’d create a roundup of Christmas and seasonal must haves to shop from the comfort of your home, or smartphone! If you think that I may have missed a few things, feel free to leave a comment below, but I believe we got you covered starting from Thanksgiving prep and feel good products for those lazy Sundays when all you want to do is lay in front of the TV with a face mask on.

Scroll through to shop our edit of essentials, ranging from winter coats to affordable cashmere sweaters, evening dresses, beauty products to keep you alive through the holidays and all the home decor pieces you need to make that great first impression!







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