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Alongside a new year, inadvertently come new trends, celebrities to follow, it girls whose style seems too good to miss out on, followed by endless trecks to retailers to find said pieces. For some people however, style is simply a physical depiction of their personality, not aimed to please anyone or anything, and more often than not, a simple rite of passage to start one’s day.

Then of course there are fashion-obsessed individuals or occasional enthusiasts who do endeavour to follow one or the other trend as it might pertain to their overall look or aesthetic. If you, however do not fall into either of these categories, by all means, please read on as we take a look at a dozen accessories to have on your watch, should you consider investing in such pieces to up your outfit game.

By now thankfully we sort of heard it all – “just get this pair of earrings and you’ll have a full look all season long”, or “if you buy anything this sale, get this headscarf and beaded hat with lace for the ultimate pièce de résistance”, or of course the inevitable “here’s 25 gazillion things every fashion editor and girl worldwide will be sporting this season, and I can’t possibly choose just on to invest in”. If one or all of these statements are simply beyond you, or cannot possibly be heard again, we jotted down 12 pieces that are definitely worth the splurge.

And before you try to stop us, no, this is not the complete list of every piece you must own in your well-rounded, adult woman closet, and neither is it a list of the ONLY possible accessories you should buy, and god forbid, nothing else. Quite the opposite actually – this *to shop* list was created to inspire you, rather than push you, to simply consider trying to pair any of the below-mentioned pieces to your daily looks – whether they’re uniforms or a creative blank canvas. This is an idea of what we, as pure minimalists are contemplating buying in the next weeks to come. Come rain or shine!

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