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There must be something in the air at airports that makes me feel instantly at home while ironically having just left most probably my actual home to get to a new destination. It’s tough to understand if the thought of being constrained to a single airplane filled with 100+ passengers whose sole responsibility to take you to your designated destination is one single person, aka the pilot is one of your deepest fears and gives you massive anxiety.

Fortunately for me, and apparently a few other people, taking a car, bus or subway to an airport to proceed to board a plane gives me a pure sense of peacefulness. Perhaps it’s the excitement of travelling to a new city or the off sense of camaraderie you share with fellow passengers also on their way to an unknown destination. But more importantly, the second I get to the airport and successfully complete both the check-in and security processes, an odd sense of belonging starts to dawn on me. Because the thing is that when you’re at the airport, you are *exactly* where you should be – it’s like when you sign up to a new gym class and arrive 5 minutes earlier and have the time to settle in patiently waiting for the remainder of members to take their place.

Besides the comfort of being where you’re supposed to be, once you fly to the same airports and terminals, slowly and surely small routines will start to build, from bumping into the same passengers to browsing through new books at your local newsagent. Flying and hanging out at airports isn’t all hearts and flowers – that is delays and cancelled flights can take a real turn on your mood and increase frustration levels. That’s a sort of worst case scenario – but if you get the chance to actually hang out at an airport during a layover, you’ll discover and grow accustomed to all the pleasant things it has to offer. However, they can be tricky – less than an hour doesn’t give you enough time to actually indulge in the terminal’s offering, and a layover over a certain amount let’s say 4 hours can be come excruciating.

Now even though I’ve had an almost flawless track record of flights that departed on time and layovers that don’t result in me head down in a glass of wine – the past couple of months have proven that delays are very much happening and if you need to get somewhere on time because you actually have something to get to, it isn’t quite a piece of cake. But I remain optimistic, and considering planes are 99% of the time the quickest way to get you from A to B not to mention the safest, exploring a new airport belongs to one of the simpler things in life that make me happy.

But enough about me, right? We’re here to talk about fashion and what to wear – and this week we’re shining spotlight on some of the most iconic airport looks, from 90s Cindy Crawford to Angelina Jolie’s monochrome looks. We also cordially invite you to shop our favorite airport pieces, not limited to clothing, but also including flight essentials and what to always bring in your carry-on in case your suitcase gets lost (here’s hoping that doesn’t happen to us this weekend!).

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