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Trends may be cyclical but classic prints are our ultimate go-to when creating a fitting Fall look. All we really need is one piece of clothing featuring a print, and we’ll work around that to make the rest of it work, for both the sake of style, comfort and weather appropriateness!

Speaking of trends, while we were definitely not on board with all of what 2018 had to offer, we are more than glad to see that Fall/Winter will be offering a different perspective – one of timeless classic prints, some that remind us of our childhood watching our parents and grandparents dress or watching one too many old movies in which glamour and effortless chic didn’t work without one another.

To keep things short because it’s Friday and a Bank Holiday here in the United Kingdom – everyone is eager to jet off for that last summer weekend before enduring the colder months to come. I for one am already mentally prepared for the new season – the changing of leaves, the warmer clothes and the cozier atmosphere all make me want to sit down on a sofa and reminisce in Rachel Green’s Fall looks in Friends. If you’re familiar with all 10 seasons, there is the one with the monkey and the one where she leaves to Paris that both always get me ready for September/October weather. Perhaps it’s the printed skirts, the knee-high boots or the turtleneck sweaters – but every time I happen to stumble on one of those episodes I completely forget everything I love about summer and look forward to creating Rachel-inspired looks every single year.

This season, we’re expecting a strong print-game, from timeless plaid to leopard print and snakeskin, I am delighted to say that I’m finally ready to add back in some much-need diversity into next season’s looks. Imagine Hermès-inspired prints with gold details from Zara, to classic houndstooth (you don’t have to live in the United Kingdom to ace the look, we promise), and checkered blazers.

This time around, we thought we’d spice things up and let YOU choose which print you’d like to shop more – forget dividing it up between clothing and accessories categories. Today we help you pick wisely depending on your print mood, perhaps a little houndstooth in the form of a coat and a little leopard when it comes to bedazzling your footwear? Scroll through!







Featured images via Zadig & Voltaire

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