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Whether in small format of perfectly cut fringed hems or a full display of fringes gone wild, which undoubtedly would make for a brilliant Boomerang – there’s no doubt that we’ll be seeing more of the trend in the next months.

It’s shaping up to be an already pretty stylish year, but since one cup does not fit all and the amount of trends predicted for 2019 are extensive; we made the conscious decision to strictly settle on the ones that we ourselves will invest in and wear, as well as the ones that will work best with what’s already stashed in our overflowing closets, including last year’s trends which we’re not ready to retire just yet.

Contrary to saturated trends such as neon and biker shorts, fringes are both a thing of the past, just as much as it is of the future. A few fringes on the hems of your jeans, or enveloped around your tote don’t steal the spotlight from the remainder of your look – instead they elevate it with a touch of unexpected material. The great thing about trends that aren’t too bold, colorful or overbearing is that they’re easy to incorporate into your everyday wardrobe, and not just to wear on a once in a lifetime opportunity. What’s more, since they’re considered part of the Western trend family, why not get your hands on a pair of suede cowboy-style boots with movement-inducing side fringes? It might make you reminisce the early 90s, but there’s nothing we quite love more than a classic throwback, and this is one we’re ready to embrace with open arms.

We’ll be contemplating ways to add a fringed piece to looks that might feel outdated or so-called uniform-esque, as well as rotating looks that get plenty of wear, and are in desperate need of a dosis of fashion Febreeze. And if you’re not quite ready to embrace fringes like your life depends on it – that’s alright, there’s plenty for you to choose from that doesn’t necessarily involve investing in a big ass work tote, satin skirt or wrapped cardigan. We spotted fringed earrings, delicate silk scarves, and fringe-adorned sandals that are guaranteed to give you a foot in the door of Spring/Summer 2019 without getting ahead of yourself and regretting your impulse purchase come June.

If, however you’re a spur of the moment kind of gal and impulse shopping is what you were born to do, then by all means get your hands on a suede leather jacket with dangling fringes, this pair of flared pants, or this dazzling Gatsby-esque slip dress, giving off that certain pizzazz you forgot to indulge in over New Year’s Eve.

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