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It’s no surprise that much of the highly coveted street style we admire, bookmark and attempt to recreate spurs from creative, distinct and inspiring women worldwide. Starting with New York City, we’ll be analyzing all the looks us ladies are currently wearing in the big apple. From Uptown to Downtown, passing by Soho, Gramercy, Greenwich and Tribeca, we’re excited to introduce this new column and share what you should be buying this season.

Fall/Winter undoubtedly calls for a pair of boots and winter coat to keep you getting through the day when mornings start with grueling temperatures and work days make you step out onto the streets as the sun comes down. If women in NYC have successfully mastered one thing when it comes to fashion, that’s dressing for a 24-hour day, keeping it practical yet refined. I’ve personally been obsessing with street style since before I can remember, and one city that always provided me with the best inspiration is NY. Perhaps the put together perfected looks stem from earlier decades, where anyone working in fashion, and especially in magazines, was based in New York. Adding to that, you had the supermodels that would live in the city and act as pure off-duty inspiration for anyone and everyone. Lastly, being a hub for all things finance, the metropolitan city was one of the first to show us women how to dress for an office job without sacrificing our passion for style. Hence, avoiding to look like we shopped in the menswear department, in search for a work-appropriate suit that offered detailing like shoulder pads and a more distinct color palette than a grim black or grey.

Unsure how to explain it in further detail, but there’s just something about the big city that makes you dress outside of your comfort zone even on a week day, and explore all your wardrobe has to offer you, no matter the occasion. It’s more than just putting on clothing for the sake of going out undressed – instead, it’s about how these professional women style themselves, how they carry themselves, and we made it our duty this season to gather ideas when it comes to dressing ourselves.

Sure, other cities by now have managed to keep up, but New York holds a special something that no other has been able to recreate. To give you an example, which other city gives you off-duty celebrity looks like the way Olsen twins, Victoria Secret models, and old school politician wives like Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy do? Spoiler alert: zero, glitsch!

However, this column isn’t dedicated solely to take you through a walk down memory lane, but instead to inspire you through a few shopping ideas, how to get ahead of the game, by sharing our favorite looks of the season, whether it’s the this week, Fall last year, or Thanksgiving and the holiday season one or two decades ago. After all, fashion recycles itself, and there’s a good chance we’ll be spotting a few trends coming back throughout the years.

Simply continue on to shop our favorite looks and reenact some of them this season, as you leisurely saunter around the busy streets of wherever Fall/Winter takes you. 

Next up, which city would you like us to cover?  

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