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The fact that people are starting to “embrace” and “get into” the seasonal change that happens once the Indian summer is over and the crisp Fall/Winter weather is upon us is in my humble opinion, a purely trending mindset. Unless we’ve been living in different planets, Fall has always been about the changing of colors, leaves falling and cold weather, and Winter is simply a continuation of that, plus more grey, more clouds and more minus lower 60s and single digit temperatures.

However, for all those who just recently discovered their so-called *love* for this season, this story is dedicated and targeted to you. As it just happens, weather in those hemispheres that are currently experiencing Fall has become significantly colder, and more specifically windier. We just came back from a short trip to New York, and what is supposed to be a relaxed and sunny walk across the Brooklyn Bridge promptly become a quick stroll to get across as quickly as humanly possible, without looking as though we attempt to jog in heeled boots. You get the picture, right?

Fast-forward a few overnight flights later, we find ourselves back on British soil and have made it our mission to start gathering all the winter coats we could potentially use in the weeks to come. What’s trending, what’s considered the ultimate fashion faux-pas? What’s warmer? So many questions, and in this case, thankfully, SO many answers. A quick browse later, and we find ourselves drooling over a plethora of shearling, lamb and in the off chance that we got lucky, a double-sided wool and leather coat, giving us a 2 in 1 for the same price. More in the fur department, we’re seeing a lot of faux-fur, which depending on your taste can range from classic tones to more experimental colors like neon yellow and electric blue. For those living in warmer climates or simply less fragile to cold weather, we recommend investing in a leather trench coat, whether suede or glossed, both are chic and a good addition to your wardrobe, not to mention a great investment piece.

If you’re more inclined towards a more sport-oriented style, bombers and puffers are still heavily populating our shelves, as they did this time last year too. You’ll find classic pieces reminiscing Moncler back in its early days, as well as more modern styles like wool and leather exteriors. Speaking of popularity, we’ve been witnessing a surge in vintage-looking pieces, like this sleeve and collar fur-trimmed houndstooth coat by Reformation, giving us all the feels – make sure to dig into your family home in case your mother or grandmother forgot to hand that one down to you, or head to your closest vintage shop to get your hands on this fabulous coat that will have you looking elegant, from early morning to night.

Lastly, one of our absolute favorites and no-fail troopers is back in full speed and worn everywhere, from the Scandinavian it girls to Victoria Secret models getting ready for the show this past week – ladies, it’s time to get your hands on a parka. Take your pick between a fur-trimmed style, or a wool interior for that added layer of warmth. On the exterior, we love the classic look of a military green, but feel free to go wild with a brighter tone or a dark grey, navy or black.

Unsure what to add to your carts? I hereby invite you to scroll through and take a look at what our editors have been adding to their carts, in the off chance that you too, might be looking for the perfect winter coat.

Featured images via Reformation

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