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I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but somewhere between the last days of winter and early mistrusted days of sunshine and spring I craved the feeling of letting my feet walk in backless shoes. Whether it’s putting on the pair of flip flops I carry to the gym or wearing a pair of kitten heel slingbacks without stockings, the longing need to let my ankles and toes breather as imminent.

While I gave them a couple test and tried runs throughout this interim periods, the true delight came when checking on the weather forecast on a warm but breezy Monday morning and discovering that the projected temperatures of the day would be a high 20 and low 14. Barefoot feet weather, am I right? Let me just quickly sidenote that besides the fact that I like my feet to breathe fresh air and experience life outside of socks, I truly appreciate tan feet, so letting those loose was getting me one step closer to the kind of tanned feet you accomplish only when laying on the beach for hours on end.

Sandals are an obvious footwear choice come warm temperatures and summer, but what some fail to notice is the abundance of other backless shoes that work just as well, give the same breathing room as open toed sandals, but tend to be more city friendly, especially if you’re rushing around the city all day, stepping on and off subway trains. Cleanliness and hygiene-wise, not the best – that’s why we’re opting for other open-back alternatives such as mules, slides, slippers, and sling backs. Looking for a heel to elevate a look? Sure, all the above mentioned can be spotted flat, a short heel or even in a 6-inch heel.

As we’re already aware, a shoe can make a whole look, so why not browse through our selection of backless shoes to add that certain oompf! to your next summer look. Whether it’s a plain black, nude or a little colour south of your ankles, we’re sure you’ll love these styles as much as the celebrities and editors we’ve already spotted strolling around town.


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