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Easy, enviably chic, and an instant mood booster: it’s no wonder we’re filling up our virtual shopping carts with bright tones to get us into the new season state of mind. While sitting out in the sun enjoying a lunch amongst friends seems a long way from now, we’re getting our closet prepared to be ready just in time!

It really depends on everyone’s own situation and preferences, but after finally getting in some proper structure in our days we’re starting to feel more like ourselves again and are no longer choosing loungewear as our primary looks of the day. Surely they make an appearance for a good chunk of the week, but it’s time to get ready for the day in bright tones and look forward to bright horizons, who’s with me?

This spring it’s all about jumping into clementine orange tops, turquoise silk pants, soft pinks to accentuate curves in a subtle but elegant way. We’re turning to a whole range of colours to boost our moods, because if we learned anything while literally shopping for a living, it’s that getting into a fresh crisp outfit can make your day go from 0 to 100 in a split second. So without further ado, we share some of our current top picks in the colours of the rainbow.

Expect splashes of color, from tie-dye to emerald and pistachio green, a sophisticated purple, beautiful canary yellows, gorgeous off-shoulder silk tops, wrap dresses to be worn as soon as it gets warm enough, and croc-effect slides ready to slip in for your next walk out on the town! Hey, it’s all about making something good come out of any given situation and here’s how we’re keeping sane and safe – from the comfort of our home with our minds already far, far away!

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