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It’s hard enough to get dressed in the morning after having indulged in one too many glasses of red wine the night before, but when transitional weather is upon us, this process suddenly becomes even more tedious and energy-draining. The good thing is that there’s one wardrobe staple that enables you to get dressed in the split of a second.

Despite being a fashion editor and getting cozy and familiar with hot off the press trends, I’ve seen a recurring one causing a bevy of clickbait sensation on our social media channels, with a particularly high resonance on Instagram. It appears as though plain old cardigans, known to keep us warm and wrapped in comfortable fabrics since a century at least, is gaining firm and steady traction these days. I’m a die-hard cardigan wearer, so I’m grateful designers have embraced my favorite keep-cozy staple for spring/summer. With the right amount of definition, details and creativity, it has the ability to amplify everything around it – from a plain white tee and light wash straight denim to a pair of tapered trousers fit for a day stuck in the office.

Seeing as its presence is still very much visible this year around, we picked some of our favorites to add to our spring/summer looks. Whether cropped, just over the tush or full-length, there’s something for everyone.

Shop 24 editor-approved cardigans to keep you warm and stylish throughout spring

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