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At first glance, I wasn’t quite sure whether this type of trousers was one I wished to reminisce after wearing them only a handful of times a decade or more ago. But as luck would have it, the few instances I saw cargo pants being styled this season got me doing a double take. Who would have thought that an adult woman could pull off these rather ‘busy’ type of bottoms outside of their leisure time. If you like me, had your doubts upon first spotting them on the runways last season, keep reading to find out easy, practical and elevated ways to style them this Fall.

We all need a comfortable pair of trousers, and since lightweight cotton and linen are out of the question as we enter this new season, why not invest in some well-tailored and handy cargo pants? By handy I’m referring to their much often included belt loop and always present side pockets. Now, as much as I like to finish my look with a great bag or clutch, some days call for leaving the house with nothing but a phone, keys and wallet. And for those precise moments, cargo pants and their pockets save the day. I’ll go ahead and say that they’re the chic cousin of the utility pant – you know the one you actually use to do a little DIY around the house that fits all your tools. Except that we’re replacing the much oversized look with a more refined cut and the tools with our daily must-haves.

Available in various fabrics, from twill-cotton to satin and silk, and a few prints like camouflage – when it comes to colours, I’ll say that there are definite favorites that are getting the most coverage. Aside from military green and black, there’s a very autumn vibe orange/rust we’re into, as well as a fiery red which is always a go-to choice this time of year. Moving on up the colour ladder, we’re glad to see a few off-white shades that are guaranteed to make your pants stand out from the crowd, especially if you get the silk satin kind. Too fragile for your taste or wary you’ll spill your morning coffee on them? Opt for a shade darker, like these sand cargos by Hellessey or a warm beige like this pair by Shona Joy that still evoke elegance but with a sporty touch.

Once you’ve done the deed (of purchasing some cargo bottoms), head over to your closet and blend together the ultimate fall look that isn’t a simple sweater and jeans. We recommend a statement top like a blouse or sleeveless turtleneck for a more office appropriate look, which is easy to swap for a cropped sweater or evening top for a date night. Lastly, make sure your trousers are well tapered at the bottom, that way you can take your latest heels out on the town and still enjoy having them on display until the winter cold takes over. If you’re in need of said heels, we’re currently loving this and this pair.

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