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That last week of August is usually when we start reflecting on how warm, blissful and carefree those past summer months have been. Walks on the beach, barbecue bonfires, summer camps and long weekends were filled with an endless supply of white dresses, strappy sandals and all the warm weather accessories we can think of, from raffia totes to tiny sunglasses.

After all the fun in the sun, we’re slowly getting into modus operandi for all things Fall. Most importantly, fashion. It’s time to retire those summer looks we’ve been sporting all season and fit our healthy-looking and sun-kissed bodies into something more fitting for the cool, crisp and fresh season ahead. Now we might be biased as to how much we’re looking forward to September and the changing of colors, but we’re kind of over posting summer snaps all over social media and wearing one more sea-shell encrusted piece of jewelry we got our hands on in the south of Italy.

For us, it’s a season of change and we’re feeling good. Perhaps it’s just us, but why does September even after we graduate from school still feel like a fresh start of the year? Forget January and its New Year’s resolutions – for us, the clock resets on September 1st. So as we’re just a few days away from that happening, we thought we’d look into what’s in store for the new season. We turned to our favorite designers for inspiration on how to put us into an Autumnal mood, and here’s what we gathered:

It appears as though Fall/Winter 2018 will be filled with bold colors like deep violet, rich and plum red, as well as a cold tone between blue and green, and pretty much a plethora of shades of brown, from rust to bronze, passing by camel and even dark yellow. That’s not all, we’re pretty much filling our imaginary shopping carts with a whole array of prints, from plaid to animal (leopard for the win!), houndstooth, stripes and more!

Alas, since we may not all be on board with colors of the year like ultra-violet, and non-typical Fall tones like fuschia pink and electric blue (yep, those are also on the horzion), we thought we’d look to the experts for the ultimate no-fail fall looks. And by experts, we don’t mean trend setters, bloggers and editors at large. We’re referring to old school classics – from Julia Roberts in Stepmom to Cher Horowitz in Clueless, Jennifer Aniston in Friends, Carolyne Besset-Kennedy, and the early days of Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford and ultimately, the two leading ladies in Gossip Girl: Blake Lively and Leighton Meester.

Nothing feels more like autumn than knee-high boots, clean-cut blazers, buttoned up mini skirts, bold colored faux-fur, lace shirts and slip dresses. After stumbling upon our favorite looks from over the years, we’re sharing 5 looks we’ll be recreating come fashion week. And if you’re feeling as nostalgic as us, why don’t you come along for the ride?

Below, shop 5 of the most sartorial outfits from the past decades:


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Featured images via Cosmopolitan / Rex Features

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