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A big part of my job is to get distracted. If you wonder whether that’s beneficial or easy to do, I’ll gladly clear the air for you. Getting distracted in the fashion department is one of the most encouraging things we believe in – because what’s better than combing through the latest and greatest? This way, I keep track on what’s still in or out, what to look out for in the near future, and most importantly what we truly recommend to our readers.

In this edition of what to wear, I’m projecting myself to days filled with less sunshine, less sands on our feet, less apéritifs in the early evenings, less sunscreen and more layers. Sound familiar? That’s because it’s the sound of the next season quietly looming over us. As nostalgic as the end of summer can get, there’s still no reason to go into a full hibernating mood. The season will come again next year, and in the meantime it’s time to make room for some change. Still with me, or did you already get distracted by a glass of rosé?

Wherever you currently stand, literally and physically – let me assist you in exploring different options when it comes to covering up in time for Fashion Month. This September, we’re trying to strike the perfect balance between stylish jackets and coats that fall right in the category of stylishly covering up in the off chance of a drizzle of rain without hiding bare legs and that golden tan you just spent the past 6 weeks working on.

From current trends gracing the runways and street style icons worldwide, we gathered what in our opinion are the only outerwear must haves to own to start the season on the right foot. So far, we’ve got the following on our fashion minds – ALL the blazers you could think of, in various iterations. Expect corduroy, belted, patchwork, and striped. Then there’s a lot going on in the leather, as well as alternative leather department (think vegan!) which is always a creative and adventurous path to venture on. If you’ve been looking for a way to bring back a cherished and inherited trench coat, now’s your time. Lastly, should the weather not shift too drastically yet, A. you’re lucky! and B. all you’ll need is a shawl, which also happens to be high up on our wish list! Easy as pie, am I right?

Speaking of pies, ready for some apple pecan?

Shop 21 picks to make the most of your Fall outerwear starter pack

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