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Spring/Summer isn’t the only time a year for weddings – in fact there have been an increase in demand and popularity to get married during less common seasons and months, for a number of reasons. Think availability of location, transport costs for destination weddings, and current wardrobe trends that aren’t just in-demand by the wedding party. All those factors make it more attractive to tie the knot come Autumn and late Winter. Because who’s to say a church on the Italian Amalfi coast isn’t as romantic as a candle-lit setting in an urban city?

This week, we’re shining spotlight on all Fall wedding shenanigans. We got inspired to create a wedding edit for another season out of personal experiences. As it so happens, we’ve been on a busy wedding parade from the northern part of Italy to romantic boat rides in dreamy Venice, for the past two months. Side note: we also managed to squeeze in an in-between yoga trip to Tulum to get some head space in all things style. Turns out, that for whoever prefers a warm weather setting for their big day is in luck – with our current climate change conditions, temperatures since the last day of summer have been anything but low, and we consider ourselves extremely lucky to still be bathing in sunshine, at least for a few hours a day.

But the big question is what to actually wear to a Fall wedding – taking into account mild weather changes and occasional and unexpected rain drizzles, you’re better off being prepared to avoid any wardrobe mishaps and fashion faux-pas. If the above scare you off, take a breath because we did the due diligence for you. We digged high and low to find the most appropriate looks to wear on your friend’s wedding day.

Whether it’s a religious ceremony, for which we always recommend bringing a scarf or jacket to cover your shoulders out of respect, or a countryside setting where those recently purchased  strappy heels  will only get you going down the earth as opposed to on the dance floor. Find below 4 types of looks that are guaranteed to make a splash. Fear not, they’re wedding-appropriate, bridal-approved and will have you leaving just the right amount of attention without overshadowing the happy couple.





Featured images via H&M Conscious Collection

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