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From flowy skirts with overflowing layers of fabric draping over your legs to low-cut signature tops by Jacquemus, it’s safe to say that we’ve seen draped pieces all over runways in the past couple of years. No surprise there – what throws us off course however, is how timeless and put together it can make you look. Even if you’ve only had a few yours of sleep, or are stuck in one of those “got nothing to wear” dress up situations, mere moments before stepping out of the door.

At such a classic and feminine look, we’re adding them to all our summer looks going forward. For a daytime look, pair a draped top with high-waisted trousers and you’ll look immaculate no matter where the day takes you. We love a draped dress for a summer cocktail party – easy to wear and without a cinched waist, you’ve always got room for dessert. Speaking of parties, it’s also a great look for a wedding, especially the night before celebration. Moving on to skirts, we’re really into wearing any length, whether it’s a mini or a midi toped with pretty much any top currently hanging in our closets. From a crisp button down to an oversized light cashmere sweater or cropped top, it’s a perfect match when putting on a dress is too much of an effort, but pants aren’t an option.

Secure the latest and most coveted picks below, and we guarantee a relaxed silhouette whether dressed up with a heel or worn with a pair of flat sandals and minimalistic jewellery and accessories. And what’s not to love about that right at the start of the summer? Pro tip: always make sure the top, dress or skirt is steamed or iron, otherwise you’ll instantly look not so “put together”.

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