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The beauty in a classic colour is that there are countless ways to reinvent it, and you’ll never get tired of wearing it on repeat. For this week’s Spotlight On feature, we’re shining headlights on the off-white shade ivory. Globally known as a neutral tone that works seamlessly with the remainder of your wardrobe, we have yet to see it look grim, let alone fade away.

Don’t let the simplicity of ivory distract you from its potential. At first glance, the color might scare you due its sheer brightness and level of fragility – but don’t give up just yet. Some clothes aren’t made for eating spaghetti pomodoro or a greasy pizza margherita (but we’re up for the challenge if you are!). Of course, you may still do this with a light top or dress, all you need is a solid napkin to refrain from staining your freshly pressed garment.

For all the other times though, and especially when you don’t feel your best and brightest, there’s nothing like a crisp ivory look to lighten your mood and make you look clean and sleek. Add some gold-tone jewellery, a tailored coat or jacket (depending on weather forecast), your footwear of choice and you’re good to go. Whether it’s a silk-satin blouse like this one by Zara or this crew neck knitted bodysuit for just over £10, ivory is bound to make an appearance in your closet in the next months. We expect day to night outfits to look sleeker and sophisticated and will leave the colorful and eccentric touches to accessories and second half of our looks! Are you in?

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