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Early Fall dressing reminds me of the weeks pre-summer when it’s just warm enough to go bare (in the footwear department) but still too fresh to walk out of your house without a jacket. Except right now, it’s the opposite. Upon checking the weather forecast every morning, I am undoubtedly torn about what to wear post workout and pre- office. Is it time to bust out a full winter coat or will I make it through the day with just a chunky knit and leather jacket? *Refreshes weather forecast every 3 minutes*.

Light layers are essential to pile on, when going through transitional weather like right now. It feels as though Fall has started (although it’s only been a few days), but a few hints of winter cold can already be felt. Mornings and late evenings are unexpectedly cold and uncomfortable, but the hours in-between are when you find yourself stepping out for your lunch break or mid-afternoon snack run and subsequently need to take off every piece of clothing to avoid sweating through it.

To this occasion, we couldn’t find a better opportunity than to take a look at what our most coveted designers are offering in terms of outerwear. First up, we’re seeing a lot of blazers – from plaid to padded shoulders it’s one of the classic trends spotted during every fashion week. From blazers we’re moving onto trench coats in all genres and colors – a British weather and wardrobe staple, there’s a lot of see-through and rain-friendly pieces in the shape of glossy coats. A third style we’re seeing on repeat is a boxy and oversized corduroy jacket – that fad instantly takes us back to the late 90s and early 2000s where pair of corduroy pants, shirts and jackets were all the hype for back to school clothing. Just when I thought I’d never see the trend reminiscing from the ashes, it’s being plastered all over street style looks, carefully and stylishly put together by It girls and fashion editors worldwide.

While we sometimes make an exception for any trend deemed *extra*, we can’t help but swoon over some of this season’s outerwear pieces, that edge on the more traditional and timeless look. From statement-making jackets that don’t fall out of the ordinary, because turns out that blazers happen to be widely reinterpreted in a gazillion different ways without every looking too stiff or Working Girl circa 1988, to more textured pieces like a faux leather trench coat, we hand picked our favorite pieces to wear before winter comes.

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Featured images via Glamour / Christian Vierig

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